we cascade / Johanna Bruckner (AT), Tina Frank (AT), Claudia Rohrmoser (AT), Dagmar Schürrer (AT), Photo: Johanna Bruckner, Tina Frank, Claudia Rohrmoser, Dagmar Schürrer

we cascade

Johanna Bruckner (AT), Tina Frank (AT), Claudia Rohrmoser (AT), Dagmar Schürrer (AT), Audio-Mix: Karin Fisslthaler (AT)

Four artists collectively explore the origins of ideas and respond to each other’s work with human algorithms. The vertical projection format is reminiscent of social media, ideas flowing in a cascading mix of expressions, reactions and mash-ups. Such exchanges are intended to provoke reflection on the circulation of ideas and to point to the influences of AI-based idea generation or modern forms of social contact between people through moving images.

Inspired by the work processes and works of the media pioneer Lillian Schwartz, the artists develop a collaborative video work. They address the question of the origin of ideas and their transformation in networks.

Note: Every evening on 5.9. / 6.9. / 7.9. / 8.9. /9.9 hourly filmscreening with works by the artists
Exception: 8.9., 9 – 10 pm no screening

In a rapidly changing technological landscape of AI-based algorithms that repeat, vary and adapt existing ideas millions of times over, the artists use each other’s existing works as a starting point to create individual responses and variations on them. The vertical form of the projection is reminiscent of pop-cultural formats found in social media. Like a cascade, forms of expression, reactions, digital gestures and mash-ups of ideas flow into it.


Johanna Bruckner (AT), Tina Frank (AT), Claudia Rohrmoser (AT), Dagmar Schürrer (AT)
Audio mix: Karin Fisslthaler (AT). In recognition of Lillian Schwartz (US)

Johanna Bruckner (AT)

Johanna Bruckner’s work relates to ecologies of trust and care with imagination as a tool for new temporalities and agencies. Tina Frank creates audiovisual short movies, characterized by a colorful abstract visual language, which playfully explore the limits of perception. Claudia Rohrmoser transcends the boundaries of conventional film formats by staging them as spatially, acoustically and performatively experienceable. Dagmar Schürrer assembles digitally generated objects and animations, text, drawings and sound to form intricate montages. Karin Fisslthaler works as a fine artist, experimental filmmaker, and electronic musician.