Vis / Ania Boehake, Photo: Ania Boehake

Interplayful Sensoric Environments – Part II

Holunder Heiß (AT), Ania Böhaker (AT), Kevin Blackistone (US), Jelena Mönch (DE), Simon Hehl (DE)

Ars Electronica Center, Deep Space 8K
Wed 6. Sep 2023 19:00 – 20:00

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At the Ars Electronica Center, students from the Time-Based and Interactive Media Arts program at the Linz Art University will present projects they developed specifically for Deep Space 8K. Thanks to the laser tracking system developed by the Ars Electronica Futurelab, it’s possible to link interactive applications with visual worlds.

Please note: Limited capacity, registration required – in addition to a valid ticket, you need a (free) ticket reservation for the respective event in advance. Reservations for Deep Space 8K events must be scanned on-site no later than 15min before the programme starts.

  • Facing


    Simon Hehl (DE)

    “I can feel the gaze on me – and that brings me a lot of satisfaction.”Facing is an interactive artwork for Deep Space dealing with our gaze. The dark room, huge faces and whispering voices will create a very intimate and intense experience.

  • Microbial World

    Microbial World

    Jelena Mönch (DE)

    Ever wondered what those tiny bacteria that inhabit our world actually look like? Microbial World offers you the chance to explore that! By using captivating visuals of microbes, this interactive platform provides a gateway to the world of science.

  • Self Dissolution

    Self Dissolution

    Kevin Blackistone (US)

    This work explores the interior of the individual, and through collective interaction, dissolves it. Participants occupying the space are scanned to reveal layers of a hybrid human radiological image.

  • Spiro


    Holunder Heiß (AT)

    Spiro is an interactive piece for the Deep Space Environment where two persons can generate unique Spirograph like patterns by meeting in the space and staying close together.

  • Vis


    Ania Böhaker (AT)

    A Deep Space program inspired by gravitational waves.