kimæra / kinema ikon (RO), Photo: kinema ikon

Ars Electronica Gardens Exhibition

POSTCITY, First Floor

Connecting Visions: Exploring Truth and Technology through Art

As a platform for art, technology and society, Ars Electronica has consistently embraced bridge-building between disciplines and industries as a promising and indispensable endeavor rather than a burden. The Ars Electronica Gardens Exhibition 2023 serves as a dynamic platform for cultural and scientific partners worldwide. Through their artistic projects, these partners contribute diverse perspectives, enriching the festival with insights into a wide range of themes and thoughts. The exhibition provides a fitting stage, gathering viewpoints from a global community to explore the interplay of truth, technology and our collective future, all aligned with this year’s festival theme, “Who Owns the Truth?”

Beyond the pursuit of knowledge, the Ars Electronica Gardens Exhibition celebrates cultural diversity and fosters meaningful dialogues that transcend geographical and cultural boundaries. The artistic projects presented here not only reflect technological advancements but also testify to how art and culture shape the development of technology, mirroring human society itself.

The Gardens Exhibition embodies collaboration and inclusivity, offering a space for diverse perspectives to coexist within the exhibition setting. Among the esteemed Garden Partners participating in the exhibition are FutureFantastic from Bangalore, the Virtual and Physical Media Integration Association of Taiwan from Formosa, Hexagram from Montreal, The Hyphen Hub and the XR Ensemble from New York, V2_Lab for Unstable Media from Rotterdam and Civic Creative Base Tokyo from Tokyo. Each contributes captivating projects that challenge conventional wisdom and delve into the profound implications of truth ownership in the digital age.

Visitors are invited to engage with thought-provoking works that challenge preconceptions and encourage critical reflections on the nature of truth, knowledge ownership and our shared future. The Ars Electronica Gardens Exhibition 2023 stands as a testament to the power of creativity, innovation and global collaboration in shaping our understanding of truth in the digital age.

  • aaron’s law–A Tribute to Aaron Swartz

    aaron’s law–A Tribute to Aaron Swartz

    Ars Electronica Garden Vienna: ACOnet | net:art coordination center (AT)

    aaron’s law celebrates the spirit of Aaron Swartz. International partners introduce audiences to his achievements and offer deeper access. Various projects collectively delve into his thoughts and understanding of the Internet, examining the influence of his achievements on current artistic-technical processes.

  • AI-generated storytelling meets Mauro Martino

    AI-generated storytelling meets Mauro Martino

    Ars Electronica Garden Milan: MEET Digital Culture Center (IT)

    When artists use generative AI to create videos from texts, the result is a unique narrative experience that challenges conventions and audience expectations. The MEET Centre of Digital Culture presents two works by Italian scientist and artist Mauro Martino, who presents new storytelling formats based on data, generative AI and text-to-video possibilities.

  • Becoming Different

    Becoming Different

    Ars Electronica Garden Tokyo: Yasuaki Kakehi Lab, The University of Tokyo (JP)

    Becoming Different is an exhibition that challenges the notion of static identities, inviting audiences to appreciate the beauty of continuous transformation. It features Fluidic Painting, which explores the dynamic transformation of ink on canvas; Synplant, which captures the bioelectric potential of plants; ChoreoDrops, showcasing the liquid movement on paper; and Emils, which uses slime to…

  • CCBT


    Ars Electronica Garden Tokyo: Civic Creative Base Tokyo (JP)

    With the rise of AI today, self-expression has become much easier. At the same time, people of malicious intent spread “fake news” along with AI-generated images, causing confusion amongst the populace. As a platform for “civic creativity”, CCBT aims to provide a forum of equality.

  • CODE 2023

    CODE 2023

    Ars Electronica Garden Utrecht: IMPAKT [Centre for Media Culture] (NL)

    How can we help develop a code of ethics for our digital future? How can we change Big Tech into Fair Tech? In CODE artists and non-artists work together to develop projects that can trigger discourse on these urgent questions.

  • ConstellationXR


    Ars Electronica Garden Tempe: Meteor Studio, Arizona State University (US)

    Ayton’s ConstellationXR wraps Earth with networked nodes of digital public art. Each installation features an iconic tower and orbiting spheres of XR assets to inspire insight, navigate pathways, and unveil patterns of conductivity portals encircling the globe as a vehicle for planetary healing.

  • CultTech x Ars Electronica Award

    CultTech x Ars Electronica Award

    Ars Electronica Garden Vienna: CultTech Association (AT)

    Art Meets is a dialogic artistic project questioning the role and connectivity of art within society. What kind of old and new knowledge of community practice is based in Africa? What kinds of theories of artistic practice exist within communities of cultural production? The Art Meets app considers theories of relationality between infrastructures of technology,…

  • digital rites

    digital rites

    Ars Electronica Garden Wroclaw: Audiovisual Technology Center (CeTA) (PL)

    Betreten Sie den rituellen Raum der Installationen von panGenerator. Entdecken Sie durch Interaktion mit Infinity und hash2ash digitale Gesten, die durch das unerschöpfliche Bedürfnis verbunden und virtuell präsent zu sein, ausgelöst werden.

  • Disco Planet: Letheia

    Disco Planet: Letheia

    Ars Electronica Garden Hamburg: Climate Service Center Germany (GERICS) (DE)

    Truth produced by our individual bodily experience or truth produced by our societal institutional arrangements and collective life-worlds? The video/performance answers with a tour through a philosophical 3D landscape / artistic twin representing our individual positioning in the world, crosscut with a real-life performance talk & song & dance.

  • Fashion and Robotics

    Fashion and Robotics

    Ars Electronica Garden Linz: Creative Robotics, University of Arts Linz (AT)

    FAR implements a designer-centric framework based on visual programming, combining parametric design with collaborative robotics for the purpose of increasing sustainability in the fashion industry.

  • FutureFantastic


    Ars Electronica Garden Bangalore: BeFantastic (IN), FutureEverything (UK)

    FutureFantastic is a first-of-its-kind AI and Arts curation from India that highlights the power that collaborative creative production has in amplifying a global response to our shared climate emergency. It showcases a poignant mix of AI-enabled artworks with the belief we can create a radical, open and optimistic future.

  • Gentleman Scientist: Microecologies

    Gentleman Scientist: Microecologies

    Ars Electronica Garden Windsor: INCUBATOR Art Lab (CA), IOTA Institute (CA)

    Gentleman Scientist: Microecologies presents an alter ego developed by Jennifer Willet as an entertaining and gender fluid critique of the Western tradition of scientific rationality. He is a ringmaster, a time traveler, a buffoon, whose once white coat is filthy and has 8 snow globes filled with microorganisms attached. The scientist’s coat is presented in…

  • Hyphen Hub Video Space

    Hyphen Hub Video Space

    Ars Electronica Garden New York: Hyphen Hub (US)

    Hyphen Hub produces innovative live performances, organizes art salons and curates art exhibitions with established and emerging new media artists who work on the vanguard of creative technologies—from augmented and virtual reality to artificial intelligence, FashionTech, bionics, robotics and cyborgism.

  • Immersive Collection

    Immersive Collection

    Ars Electronica Garden Montreal: MUTEK (CA)

    The Immersive Collection is a set of three Extended Reality (XR) artworks, produced by MUTEK Festival. They combine abstract and figurative interpretations, spatialized sound design, radiant visuals and the playful and persevering mindsets of artists venturing into new grounds.

  • imprints


    Ars Electronica Garden Montreal: Hexagram (CA)

    imprints exhibits Hexagram Network members’ research-based creation projects. The body of works presented is representative of interdisciplinary and co-creation approaches that the Network promotes across art, cultures and technologies. It showcases artworks that emerge from practice-based research at the intersections of diverse forms of knowledge – disciplinary and situated – and associated techniques.

  • kimæra


    Ars Electronica Garden Arad: kinema ikon (RO)

    kimæra combines elements from nature with those from our hyper-mediatized everyday. She/they are random access, alive (!), embodied in 3D, a specific form, yet abstract, which dissolves and reappears in real time; she/they is VR, AI, a simulation and its realization, willed into existence.

  • Love Vibes

    Love Vibes

    Ars Electronica Garden Barcelona: ESPRONCEDA — Institute of Art and Culture (ES)

    Love Vibes combines VR, dance, and truth. It reacts to live music, immersing participants dynamically. Visuals sync with music type, beats and genre for a unique experience of empathy. Ideal for parties and festivals, promoting love. Inclusive with Oculus Quest 2 and passthrough. Color filters and particles create a psychedelic environment, celebrating human expression.

  • meat, metal and code

    meat, metal and code

    Ars Electronica Garden Fano: Umanesimo Artificiale (IT)

    meat, metal, and code explores truth as inescapable commutations between entities, showcasing new perspectives through exchanges at micro and macro levels.

  • Metabolo / Isotta

    Metabolo / Isotta

    Ars Electronica Garden Bologna: Sineglossa (IT)

    Does Generative AI once again change how we perceive technology? It cannot be used as a mere tool; it needs to be considered as a truly creative partner. And that is where the problems arise. Two artworks that challenge the way in which we will face dystopian futures leading to humanity’s extinction.

  • Mise en Abyme

    Mise en Abyme

    CIFRA (AE)

    At CIFRA, we believe that interconnectivity is the key. We strive to make art accessible for all and build an inclusive community of artists, art professionals and art lovers. Using Mise en Abyme as the core approach, we’re creating a new encyclopedia of media art, where all roles and practices are interconnected, and everyone can…

  • Museum of Fake

    Museum of Fake

    Ars Electronica Garden Hallein: Escape Fake 2.0 (AT)

    Exhibition visitors are invited to take a trip to a future Museum of Fake together with Hannah, a quantum reality hacker. Together, they look back at the year 2023 and try to assemble a picture of the trajectory of disinformation. What role did generative AI or blockchain-based verification systems play in Hannah’s future reality?

  • Reality.beta


    Ars Electronica Garden Chicago: Chicago Gamespace (US)

    Chicago Gamespace is proud to exhibit Reality.Beta, a project by new media artist Thorne Brandt, that reveals what your portrait looked like in an earlier graphical build of the simulation we are all living in.

  • Sensory Voyage

    Sensory Voyage

    Ars Electronica Garden Formosa: Virtual and Physical Media Integration Association of Taiwan (TW)

    Explore Sensory Voyage: Taiwan’s Metaverse, a captivating journey into truth, Taiwanese identity and digital innovation. Experience an unforgettable sensory immersion that raises the question: “Who truly owns the truth?” Taiwan’s blend of tradition and technology lingers, extending the voyage beyond the exhibition.

  • Summer Sessions

    Summer Sessions

    Ars Electronica Garden Rotterdam: V2_ Lab for the Unstable Media (NL)

    Summer Sessions pop-up exhibition is showing a selection of outcomes realized through short-term residencies for young, emerging artists, organized by an international network of cultural organizations. Each summer, the network partners collaborate to offer professional production support and expert feedback to artists in the realization of a new artwork or design. Local talents are scouted…

  • Swirling Senses

    Swirling Senses

    Ars Electronica Garden Blacksburg: Virginia Tech (US)

    The Swirling Senses Project creates an immersive experience bridging the digital and physical worlds. By integrating VR with theatrical sets, soundscapes, scents and puppetry, the environment manipulates our senses to foster a heightened sense of reality. In this exploration, we strive to uncover new possibilities, pushing the limits of VR.



    Ars Electronica Garden Jakarta: Media Art Globale (MAG) organized by Connected Art Platform (CAP)

    TEMPEH UNIVERSE in the MAG garden will reveal the secret of tempeh and at the same time put the tempeh in the Indonesian DNA. Notanlab is about elevating the micro-level world of tempeh that is presented through audio visual and through experience of the real form.

  • Underneath the Wings of a Butterfly

    Underneath the Wings of a Butterfly

    Ars Electronica Garden Enschede: Tetem (NL)

    Underneath the Wings of a Butterfly invites you to explore the paradox of happiness and the urgency of our time. Join us on this immersive adventure, planting the seeds of change and sowing the path towards a brighter tomorrow.

  • Unleash the creative power of Quebec; a selection of XR and immersive works.

    Unleash the creative power of Quebec; a selection of XR and immersive works.

    Ars Electronica Garden Montreal: Xn Québec (CA)

    Join Xn Québec’s Deep Space program with XR/immersive experiences and an awe-inspiring performance.

  • You Are BUTIFL

    You Are BUTIFL

    Ars Electronica Garden New York: XRE (Extended Reality Ensemble) (US)

    XRE brings you You Are BUTIFL, to tackle the conversation surrounding AI fears and reflect on how we must flow with the times, commune, pausing to prevent collective pain. The show combines performance art with a state-of-the-art multimedia installation under the influence of OpenAI ChatGPT, representing our (biased, heavily Western-Colonizer-influenced) collective consciousness.