Prix 2021: Students create their own world

School at home, no meetings with friends, long periods of being alone - the side effects of the pandemic, which is now in its second year, have hit the young generation especially hard in their important stages of life.

Nocturne 2021: the Pandemic on big screen.

An extraordinary artwork, created in an extraordinary period. Nocturne brings the time of the Pandemic in the Deep Space 8K.

STARTS Prize 2021: New products from food scraps

720 tons of food are thrown away in a single day in Catalonia. It is figures like these that have prompted Anastasia Pistofidou, Marion Real and The Remixers of Fab Lab Barcelona, IaaC, to take action.

Digital Democracy: How democratic is the Internet?

Is democracy digital and how democratic is the digital? We have put together a collection of festival projects on the topic of "Digital Democracy"!

Man, machine and trust

Trust is one of those things. With a bit of luck, we gather more good than bad experiences, fall back into a - trusted - network when we stumble, and can face new experiences positively and without any worries.

“Rethinking GUERNICA” inside Deep Space 8K

For the first time, Pablo Picasso will visit us at the Ars Electronica Center. His work "Guernica" will be presented in Deep Space 8K at this year's Ars Electronica Festival, and Michaela Wimplinger tells us how it was made possible.

Prix 2021: "When the Sea sends Forth a Forest" Animation-Film remembers mass murder

There are hardly any pictures from that time. It has been over 40 years since Khmer Rouge supporters in Cambodia tried with full force to impose their ideology in the country, wiping out the lives of millions of people.

Images of fear and glimmers of hope - new technology is possible

A wide variety of projects at this year's Ars Electronica Festival on the theme of "Another Tech is possible" demonstrate how new technologies and inventions can help us to deal with challenges in the future.

LOOPS OF WISDOM: an artistic guide to action

Exhibitions, presentations, performances, interventions, workshops and lab settings as well as a discursive platform: LOOPS OF WISDOM, the exhibition of the Linz University of Art and Design in the course of the Ars Electronica Festival, is actually much more than that.

Volunteer Fair Upper Austria meets Ars Electronica

FEST.ENGAGIERT will take place in the course of the Ars Electronica Festival for the first time in 2021. This collaboration is based on the belief in change, the belief in a "New Digital Deal.

STARTS Prize 2021: The condition of the oceans and how high the stakes are

The world's oceans not only reflect light, they also reflect the effects of the Anthropocene, the age of humankind.

Some people think Alexa and Siri only listen when they’re supposed to...

...others go to Ars Electronica. Public space/privacy - how do they intertwine and can we trust promises about privacy? This core theme is also represented in the form of festival projects.

a robot cafe
The Future of Work

What could work look like in the future? And how can we work together on the future to make it as fair as possible for everyone?

When, if not now?

Some people think the future is written in the stars. Others go to Ars Electronica. "Activism", especially in the digital area, is a red-hot topic and therefore of course represented at the Ars Electronica Festival.

At the Pulse of Time

In 1987, the Prix Ars Electronica, one of the world's most important competitions for media art, was launched. Every year at the Ars Electronica Festival, the best works can be admired in the CyberArts exhibition. This year, again.

Prix 2021: Exploring and composing music worldwide

Exploring new sounds - with great joy in experimentation and a healthy dose of passion.

Some people believe everything they read on the Internet...

...others go to Ars Electronica. That's why this year's festival features numerous projects and gardens on the topic of "Digital Education".

Take this: The New Digital Deal! (2/2)

Even more numerous, even more exciting and even more diverse: Here comes Part Two of the highlights of the Ars Electronica Festival 2021.

Prix 2021: Musicians face the new reality

The reality as we experience it around us, we create ourselves. It is constructed and at the same time changeable and unstable.

Who owns the world?

Some people think Alexa and Siri only listen when they're supposed to. Others go to Ars Electronica.

Festival University - Studying (in) the Future

In the course of this year's Ars Electronica Festival, the Festival University will be organised for the first time in cooperation with the JKU.

Prix 2021: "Cloud Studies" - When clouds tell stories

Clouds have been telling us all kinds of stories for ages. With the project "Cloud Studies", the collective "Forensic Architecture" once again looks up to the sky and uses technological tools to re-read clouds of smoke, poison and gas.

Some people think 2°C is no big deal...

...others go to Ars Electronica. We present you a selection of projects and gardens that deal with questions around the topic of ecology.

Prix 2021: Sustainable and fairer Internet for everybody

Can artificial intelligence help us become more environmentally sustainable? How can we reduce the growing energy requirements of cryptocurrencies? And how can we free the IT sector from fossil fuels?

Ars Electronica Festival 2021: A "New Digital Deal" is Needed! (1/2)

From Festival University to Pre-Opening to Innovation Day: these are the highlights of the first days of the Ars Electronica Festival 2021 - A New Digital Deal!

Community Project: Symphony of Absence

A “Symphony of Absence” in the Keplerhall is meant to remind of all those celebrating their own festivals outside of Linz.

Kids at the Ars Electronica Center
Community Project: The Experts of the Future

It often seems that we as adults shape upcoming goals and mindsets for next generations without integrating them directly and taking their imagination of the future world seriously. The future sometimes feels like a distant planet that is located far away from our world. But how does this planet look like?

Digital Humanism: Teaching and learning through an artistic lens

Education is one of the core aspects of the European Platform for Digital Humanism, which is only natural, as historically education has always been fundamental to what we understand humanism to be.

Festival Locations 2021: Watch out – Festival ahead!

We're 36 days away from the start of the Ars Electronica Festival 2021. Preparations are in full swing, the festival team is in constant communication with partners, projects are being fleshed out, plans are being finalized.

Museum of edible earth
Community Project: Taste your SOIL

Art, society, technology and science sees itself expanded by a conceptuality - nature. "Taste your SOIL" stands for the urgent need of making the digital a part of our cultural identity and for restoring our lost cultural awareness of the earth.