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(In)Tangible Future(s)

Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Design (AT)

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Evolving Eco-Empathic Infrastructure(s) for the Post-Anthropocene

In his much-cited essay “What is it like to be a bat?” Thomas Nagel (1974) highlights that the crucial thing is not to really know what it is like to be a bat, but to construct an imaginary concept of it.

Taking the thought that in a post-anthropocentric future, which has long since abandoned the belief in human superiority, ecological justice is concerned with justice between species as a starting point, this exhibition is conceptualized as an affective infrastructure enabling two kinds of experiences: on the one hand a critical look back to Planet A, where the lack of eco- and interspecies empathy led to an unbearable condition, on the other hand experiments fostering interspecies and non-human sensory dialogues, where the non-anthropocenic aesthetic experience is central for generating knowledge and empathy.


Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Design includes two degree programs (BA and MA InterMedia) and the Research Group Design, which operates at the intersection of art, design and science perspectives and realizes praxeologically oriented research projects.


Margarita Köhl (AT), Jasmin Fischbacher (AT), Magdalena Haidacher (AT), Marilena Tumler (AT),

Florian Ramsebner (AT), David Altweger (AT/ UK)/ Faculty of Design/ Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences in cooperation with Miguel Santos (PT)/ LIDA-ESAD.CR, Leiria Polytechnic, Portugal