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University of Art and Design Linz (AT)

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Crafting Futures Lab

For the second time we open the Crafting Futures Lab to the public, seeking to interact through showcasing current developments and previewing future investigations and collaborations. Active questioning, learning and collaboration build the core of the Lab and define this year’s instalment: we focus on participatory formats, toolkit design and work-in-progress documentation to provide a platform for student work, research investigations and creative practices. Visitors are invited to collaborate and contribute to the discussion of the social, cultural and aesthetic impacts of work on show, at the nexus of material inquiry, tool intervention, and innovative pedagogies.


Concept: Monja Hirscher, Irene Posch

Contributors: Robert Angerer, Lisa Benedikt, Anna Berger, Laura Devendorf, Stephanie Ehrenecker, Lisa Hametner, Monja Hirscher, Lilo Viehweg, and others.

Department: Design and Technology, Institute for Art and Education