Ars Electronica Gardens Exhibition


Inescapable Entanglement

XRE (Extended Reality Ensemble) (US), MEDIACOELI (IT)

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Inescapable Entanglement is a posthumous narration of the emotional reaction to the climate change crisis. It explores the question “How can technology serve us now?” while acknowledging that “Solastalgia” (distress caused by environmental change) is on the rise in societies.

We work at the intersection of performance (Chekhov’s play Uncle Vanya outlining problems from 100 years ago), AR (live climate change metrics), soundscapes and biometric data visualization of physiological audience responses. It uses neuronal aspects of plant life from the most contemporary studies of plants communication, interwoven with an aesthetic which evokes nature gods and hearth fae symbology. Inescapable Entanglement invites the audience to playfully explore ancestral/neighboring myths, natural communication hubs (such as large parks) and recent events (wildfires in Europe) to collectively discover unforeseen possibilities of living with our planet. We do this by accepting invitations from anthropologists such as Eduardo Kohn to “playfully engage with how trees think with their inner logic as sentient life,” because “playing with thoughts leads to unforeseen possibilities” to realize a more just world. Wherever there is a living thought, there is a self and a symbiosis present, thus there exists an innate entanglement between all humans and nature that is inescapable.


XRE (Extended Reality Ensemble) is an international artist collective that creates emotionally transporting works. It is passionate about working in a structure that is as non-hierarchical as possible and practicing cross-collaborations to fuse traditional arts with new technology. MEDIACOELI is an artistic research duo that aims to create new narratives for public spaces by creating hybrid XR visions in the void of the metaverse and physical urban regeneration for the landscapes of the future.


Concept and production: Letizia Artioli, Luca Cacini, Clara Francesca and Anne Wichmann
AR and design: Luca Cacini and Letizia Artioli
Poetry by Clara Francesca
Quotes from “Uncle Vanya” by Anton Chekhov
Music and soundscapes by Anne Wichmann (She’s Excited!)
GRS Sensor POC by Mirko Pirisi and Salvatore Isaia
Arduino Engeneer: Gabriele Torelli
Presented by XRE and MEDIACOELI