What would an Ars Electronica on a “Planet B” look like? In our opinion, it’s a certified “Green Event” with everyone—hosts, participants and visitors—working together to make its ecological footprint as small as possible. In order to make this a reality, we are working together with our partners on a whole range of topics.


A large and above all international festival like ours clearly has to deal with the issue of mobility. We are working to support you in arriving and departing in the most climate-friendly way possible.

Energy, water, sanitation

Especially because we are hosting a media art festival, we want to use – renewable – energy as efficiently as possible. You will also be able to use water-saving sanitary facilities on the festival grounds.


If you’re visiting Ars Electronica and want to eat something in between, you’ll be able to choose from seasonal and regional foods and beverages, preferably from organic production. Foodstuffs such as coffee or tea are sourced from fair production and fair trade. And of course we always offer a vegetarian or vegan main course.


The best way to reduce waste is to avoid it in the first place. We therefore buy drinks only in reusable bottles and serve drinks and food only in reusable tableware. In order to separate waste on site, you will find bins for residual waste, paper, glass, metal and plastic.

Event location

Hundreds of artists and partners participate in an Ars Electronica. We make sure that they can reach our festival grounds on foot or by public transportation during their stay in Linz.

Event architecture

Almost everywhere there are opportunities to use environmentally friendly materials. We only borrow our festival architecture in the first place and then return it.

Social responsibility

Accessibility is a must. So if you’re impaired, don’t let that stop you from visiting Ars Electronica – we have programs and tours designed just for you.


Ars Electronica will be a sustainable festival. But we don’t just want to put on a green event; we want to have an ongoing exchange with all of you who want to help make our collective footprint as small as possible.
Have an idea on how we can make the festival even more sustainable? Let us know: festival@ars.electronica.art!