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Pierre Cassou-Noguès (FR), Gwenola Wagon (FR)

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Virusland is an imaginary chronicle documenting the development of a form of life subjected to virality and lockdown.

“Virusland” does not refer to a region of the globe but to a form of life. It reaches us by contagion. Geographical contagion, from one region to another, and metaphysical contagion, from fiction to reality. The anguish that dominates *Virusland* is not only due to the fear of sickness. It has to do with what Freud calls “Unheimlichkeit”: when reality mixes with fiction.


This film is co-directed by Pierre Cassou-Noguès et Gwenola Wagon. Pierre Cassou-Noguès is a philosopher and writer, professor at Université Paris-VIII Vincennes Saint-Denis. He is also co-editor of the journal SubStance. Gwenola Wagon is an artist and assistant professor. She is the co-director of the masters at ArTeC – EUR ArTeC, Paris Lumières University.