TRIPTYCH / Robin Fox, Photo: Lachie Douglas

Events, Concerts, Performances

Experience the Ars Electronica Festival together, in extraordinary concerts and performances, at unusual venues: from events in POSTCITY’s abandoned train hall like the Opening, the Big Concert Night or the Ars Electronica Nightline to the Futurelab Night Performances in the Ars Electronica Center’s Deep Space 8K.

  • Ars Electronica Nightline

    Ars Electronica Nightline

    This year’s return of the festival to POSTCITY also marks the comeback of the Nightline: Following the classical sounds of the Bruckner Orchestra, the Gleishalle will become a musical playground for electronic audio-visual artists and their sound experiments like Jessiquoi, Noémi Büchi, Soraya Lutangu aka Bonaventure, Myriam Bleau and Kenji Araki.

  • Big Concert Night

    Big Concert Night

    Bruckner Orchester Linz (AT) / Markus Poschner (AT), Bára Gísladóttir (IS), Def Ill (AT)

    In 2023, the motto of the Big Concert Night is UPBEAT—a new beginning and a continuation of the tried-and-true: once again, POSTCITY’s train hall will be the spectacular stage for this brilliant evening in which orchestral music and digital sounds, live electronic music and real-time visualizations will encounter each other.

  • Futurelab Night Performances

    Futurelab Night Performances

    Ars Electronica Futurelab (AT)

    On Saturday Night, the Ars Electronica Center’s Deep Space 8K will once again be filled with an electrifying atmosphere created by the Futurelab Night Performances. Visitors can enjoy a wide range of experiences circling around visualized sound, sonified biodata, and experimental live visualizations.

  • Opening of Ars Electronica and IDSA FOUNDING LAB

    Opening of Ars Electronica and IDSA FOUNDING LAB

    On the evening of the first day of the festival, the return to POSTCITY will be duly celebrated with live performances in POSTCITY’s train hall.



    Luc Gut (CH), Rolf Hellat (CH)

    OSZILOT is a hybrid of sound installation and performance. Everyday objects suspended from strings are transformed into oscillating sound objects via movement sensors.

  • Pianographique


    Maki Namekawa (JP/AT), Cori O’Lan (AT)

    Fully dedicated to the quest for authenticity in artistic creation, this year’s festival’s closing concert presents Maki Namekawa performing the legendary Köln Concert by Keith Jarrett, accompanied by realtime visualizations by Cori O’Lan.

  • Pre-Opening Walk

    Pre-Opening Walk

    The Pre-Opening Walk takes you through downtown Linz on the eve of the Ars Electronica Festival-from the St. Mary’s Cathedral to the Stadtwerkstatt.

  • The Mirage Replicas 2.0

    The Mirage Replicas 2.0

    Yen-Tzu Chang (TW)

    The work is a new media dance performance that explores generational differences within a family and culture. Starting from the story of the artist’s father capturing a golden bat, The Mirage Replicas 2.0 also addresses ecological issues related to bats. The performance incorporates bat sound data, field recordings, projected images, the mobile transparent screen displays…

  • Uncanny Valley 

    Uncanny Valley 

    Stefan Kaegi (DE), Rimini Protokoll

    For Uncanny Valley the writer and playwright Thomas Melle allowed an animatronic double of himself to be made. This humanoid takes the author’s place and raises the questions: what does it mean for the original when the copy takes over? Does the original get to know himself better through his electronic double? Do the copy…

  • Uperqt 


    Cod.Act, André Décosterd (CH), Michel Décosterd (CH)

    Fighting is a spectacular event, fascinating due to its intensity and the collective excitement it generates. Uperqt reproduces this deeply emotional experience in the form of a piece of music, articulated and composed in real time by the fight of two great metallic creatures. 

  • 1+1=1


    Dahye Seo (KR)

    1 + 1 = 1 deals with rivers flowing through three cities – Anseong (KR), Weimar (GE) and Yeonggwang (KR). Anseong and Weimar are the cities where I currently reside and Yeonggwang is the city where my grandmother lived during her lifetime.

  • A Sea Dive Into Embodied Epistemology

    A Sea Dive Into Embodied Epistemology

    Johanna Reckewerth (DE)

    If there is any chance for humans to survive on the planet, it is to work together on a paradigm shift that requires radical rethinking. How can we use our bodies as tools to shift our perspectives & enhance consciousness of multi-species relations?

  • A Tale of Two Seeds: Sound and Silence in Latin America’s Andean Plains

    A Tale of Two Seeds: Sound and Silence in Latin America’s Andean Plains

    Atractor Estudio (CO) + Semantica Productions (INT)

    A Tale of Two Seeds: Sound and Silence in Latin America’s Andean Plains is a sound installation that explores the expansion of the current technical agro-industrial colonization in Latin America. The work uses subterranean and surface recordings of the soil and recordings of electrical conductivity in the soy and amaranth plants to present a sonic…

  • A.I. A Punch Intervenes

    A.I. A Punch Intervenes

    Andreas Pfaffenberger

    Is Artificial Intelligence truly “intelligent”? Can a non-living thing – like a machine – become conscious? Or are these just our own projections? Could something “artificially” created even begin to think on its own, become creative, even develop an imagination?

  • AI Explainability, Embodiment and Sound in Space: A Case Study

    AI Explainability, Embodiment and Sound in Space: A Case Study

    Nicola Privato (IT)

    RAVE is a neural synthesis model for real-time performance. It compresses high-dimensional input data into lower-dimensional representations, known as latent spaces, that can be navigated by the performer in visual programming environments through dedicated objects.

  • AI-mpowering Eve

    AI-mpowering Eve

    Passion Asasu (TH)

    The dance performance challenges the media’s portrayal of women by expressing emotions through Dadaist-inspired poetry. The artist uses her body as a poet’s pen with the help of machine learning models, it critiques the prevalent culture of objectification and exploitation of women perpetuated by the media.

  • Artists For Future

    Artists For Future

    Gabriel S Moses (IL), Ann-Kathrin Müller (DE)

    A three-part video-based artist lecture to end all artist lectures. Artistic research has become the new way for artists to be taken seriously in academia.

  • Award Ceremony (with invitation only)

    Award Ceremony (with invitation only)

    The spotlight is on the artists and initiatives, prizewinners of this year’s Prix Ars Electronica, S+T+ARTS Prize’23 and the winners of the great new prizes from the European Union and our cooperation partners.

  • Award Ceremony u19–create your world

    Award Ceremony u19–create your world

    Ars Electronica (AT)

    This Award Ceremony brings together all the winners of this year’s Prix Ars Electronica u19-create your world category. Not only will the young winners’ projects be presented and they will receive their prizes, but they will also be able to share their own enthusiasm in short interviews.

  • Bildungspreis Klasse! Lernen. Wir sind digital – Preisverleihung

    Bildungspreis Klasse! Lernen. Wir sind digital – Preisverleihung

    Jakob Feyerer (AT), Jakob Calice (AT), OeAD (AT), Martin Bauer (AT), BMBWF (AT), Ars Electronica (AT)

    Dieses Jahr wurden mehr als 140 kreative und innovative Projekte von Lehrer*innen und Schüler*innen eingereicht. Die zehn von der Jury ausgewählten Gewinnerprojekte werden in einer Ausstellung beim Ars Electronica Festival präsentiert und im Rahmen einer Preisverleihung beim Symposium Perspektiven politischer Bildung vorgestellt.

  • bios


    Joel Schäfer (DE)

    The audiovisual live performance piece “bios” imagines and explores the intrinsic aesthetics of the deep sea and the so-called “cyberspace” as the digital realm.

  • Bonaventure 


    Soraya Lutangu Bonaventure (CH/CG)

    With music, performance art, and film, Soraya Lutangu aka Bonaventure is attempting to materialize feelings dwelling between empathy, mourning, togetherness and celebration.

  • Breaking The Ice

    Breaking The Ice

    Explore an unparalleled metaverse with an immersive concert that employs innovative technologies such as haptic feedback, motion capture and virtual reality. This groundbreaking endeavor emerged from a thoughtful examination of the intricate relationship between artificial intelligence and humans, and broadens to raise compelling questions about the universal sentiment of love. Witness the beautiful exploration of…

  • Breathless


    Mona Hedayati (IR/CA)

    My lecture-performance initially provides a brief overview of a semi-generative, live sensor-to-sound performance conceptually embedded in my affective response to socio-political oppression that I am personally tied to. On a formal level, I will underscore the qualities of AI-powered immersive audio channeled into bodies that moves from particles to wave, from matter to event to…

  • Brunch at the Tangible Music Lab, Tabakfabrik Linz

    Brunch at the Tangible Music Lab, Tabakfabrik Linz

    Tangible Music Lab

    We will open the doors of our Tangible Music Lab for those attending this year’s Ars Electronica festival. If you are interested in visiting us, we will prepare some demos, snacks and drinks on Saturday, September 9th from 10:00 until 13:00 at the Tangible Music Lab location at the Tobacco Factory Linz.

  • Ceremony for Sensory Voyage: Taiwan’s Metaverse Exploration

    Ceremony for Sensory Voyage: Taiwan’s Metaverse Exploration

    Hsin-Chien Huang (TW), Billy Chang (TW)

    Situated amidst the Pacific Ocean and Taiwan Sea Strait, Taiwan offers diverse landscapes adorned with dense mountains and mystical mist. Here at the Ars Electronica Festival, the awe-inspiring grandeur of Taiwan comes to life through AI landscapes projected on a six-meter screen.

  • Class. Learn! We Are Digital – Award ceremony of the Education PrizeClass. Learn! We Are Digital –

    Class. Learn! We Are Digital – Award ceremony of the Education PrizeClass. Learn! We Are Digital –

    OeAD (AT), BMBWF (AT) and Ars Electronica (AT)

    A contemporary education system should teach young people how to actively shape their lives and learning in a digitalized world in a sustainable way. Progressive digitalization in turn creates new opportunities to create, test and implement suitable forms of teaching for this purpose.

  • Deep Stage – Part I

    Deep Stage – Part I

    Marc-André Cossette (CA), Alexandre Saunier (FR), Carlotta Borcherding (DE), Gerald Peter (AT)

    A carefully curated evening program full of inspiring and stunning audio-visuals by international artists.

  • Deep Stage – Part II

    Deep Stage – Part II

    Erick Aguirre (MX), Kevin Blackistone (US), Jiaji Cheng (CN), Danica Golić (RS), Kathrine Hardman (US), Eunji Ji (KR), Polina Kliuchnikova (RU), Kateryna Pomeichuk (UA), Yuma Yanagisawa (JP), Razieh Kooshki (IR), Vahid Qaderi (IR)

    A carefully curated evening program full of inspiring and stunning audio-visuals by international artists.

  • Detox


    Thai Tai Pham (DE)

    Detox is an artistic exploration and an attempt to pit technology against technology. The performance aims to experience the limits in search of a silence in the noise through methods of deceleration.

  • Detroit CCS Techno Party: From techno experience to user experience and back

    Detroit CCS Techno Party: From techno experience to user experience and back

    Steven Stavropoulos AKA KE THU, Hailey Dukes AKA Father Dukes, Jenna Smith AKA Jem, Joe Linden AKA 2Lanes, Predrag K. Nikolic AKA DadaTag

    Performance at POSTCITY, First Floor, Campus

  • Deviation Game

    Deviation Game

    Tomo Kihara (JP), Playfool (UK)

    Join the project demonstration for the Deviation Game led by the artists Tomo Kihara and Playfool. Building on Alan Turing’s Imitation Game, the Deviation Game questions how we can use AI to deviate and expand our creativity.

  • Disco Planet: Letheia

    Disco Planet: Letheia

    Do Mayer (DE), Hen/I (US/DE), Anke Schlünsen-Rico (DE)

    The performance and video installation Disco Planet: Letheia takes a philosophical 3D landscape as backdrop to inquire into the plant/human/animal relations to themselves and their embeddedness in environment/society.

  • Easing the Passing (of the Hours)

    Easing the Passing (of the Hours)

    William Kentridge, Robert Hodgins, Deborah Bell

    Easing the Passing (of the Hours)* (1992, Betacam SP, created in collaboration with Deborah Bell and Robert Hodgins) is a computer animation depicting a day in the life of a fictional dictator named the General. The video satirizes the daily routines of a brutal authoritarian despot.

  • ECHO


    Lisa Albrecht (DE)

    ECHO is a performed dialog between a human voice and an artificial voice. First, a human talks in a zoom call. Answers are short, but still form the impression of a strategy meeting.



    Noémi Büchi (CH) / Christoffer Jorgensen (CH)

    This project is an audiovisual collaboration between Swiss composer and sound artist Noémi Büchi and visual artist Christoffer Joergensen. 

  • Environment (Umgebung)

    Environment (Umgebung)

    Carlotta Borcherding (DE)

    Environment (Umgebung) is an interactive space where users of the interface, the floor, can create visual content based on a simple line pattern. During the interaction the user’s movement and their connection with one another are visualized and shown on the walls. This work focuses on the deconstruction of a static environment through movement.

  • Essay on Symmetry

    Essay on Symmetry

    Hubert Lobnig (AT), Moritz Matschke (DE)

    The symmetrical arrangement of the bridgehead buildings at Linz’s main square, and the mirror-image equality of the two façades, are the starting point for a site-specific intervention reflecting on the preference of totalitarian systems for simple forms of symmetry.

  • FE:MI:NA


    Riccardo Giovinetto (IT)

    FE:MI:NA is a double screen audio-visual performance that combines echoes of polyphonic madrigals with electronic music, while samples of Renaissance paintings are transformed into evolving images. An imaginary journey of AI through its various stages of apprehension, interiorization and the self-expression of the concept of grace.

  • FORMATA: Bioreactor Refill

    FORMATA: Bioreactor Refill


    Enter the extraterrestrial mini-planet of FORMATA, where alien blobs actively move and pulsate with energy. This multisensory art installation invites visitors to redefine our place in an active cosmos through a bodily encounter that challenges the prevailing narratives that shape our engagement with matter.

  • Fragments: The Shape of Things

    Fragments: The Shape of Things

    ALMA / Marc-André Cossette (CA), Alexandre Saunier (FR) – Hexagram Network

    Fragments: The Shape of Things is an audiovisual performance in which two human performers act live on AI and A-Life algorithms to generate a poetic experience. The work reflects on how data processing AI systems anonymize and aestheticize both global conflicts and everyday relationships.

  • Free Purgatory Tickets 

    Free Purgatory Tickets 

    Def Ill aka Ruffian Rugged (AT)

    If you talk about “Ruffian Rugged” and some people will step up and ask you “Governor?”… don’t hesitate to say “Yes!”. Cuz they´ll be referring to the legend of “Governor General Ruffian Rugged”. 

  • Future Teams – Prototype Demonstration

    Future Teams – Prototype Demonstration

    Ricoh Co., Ltd. (JP), Art and Program, Inc. (JP), Ars Electronica Futurelab (AT)

    Imagine a future where diverse beings, not just humans but also non-humans, work together as a team. These future teams could include plants, AI, and even the Earth’s environment. The project explores new forms of collaboration and care in the future of teams.

  • Future Teams – Visitor Experience

    Future Teams – Visitor Experience

    Ricoh Co., Ltd. (JP), Art and Program, Inc. (JP), Ars Electronica Futurelab (AT)

    Imagine a future where diverse beings, not just humans but also non-humans, work together as a team. These future teams could include plants, AI, and even the Earth’s environment. The project explores new forms of collaboration and care in the future of teams.

  • Hate-follow me

    Hate-follow me

    Helga Arias (SP/CH)

    Since the advent of the Twitter revolution and the widespread use of the internet, social media has profoundly transformed our interactions and responses during crises. It has gained a powerful and faster-than-ever influence on what is known as crowd behavior. Recent phenomena, such as the proliferation of false information and the emergence of influencers who…

  • Hebocon: Contest of Low-Tech Robots

    Hebocon: Contest of Low-Tech Robots

    Open Commons Linz (AT), Ars Electronica create your world (AT)

    The Hebocon is back! Build and design your own low-tech robots and send them into the arena. It is not primarily about strength or speed, but rather about the most creative creations, the most unusual movement style and the funniest motto.

  • Homodyne


    Erick Aguirre (MX), Kevin Blackistone (US), Jiaji Cheng (CN), Danica Golić (RS), Kathrine Hardman (US), Eunji Ji (KR), Polina Kliuchnikova (RU), Kateryna Pomeichuk (UA)

    A transdisciplinary performance that emerged as an experimental encounter between quantum physics, movement research, contemporary dance and interactive audiovisual art.

  • HYPHEN HUB: Non Fuckable Tokens (NFTs)

    HYPHEN HUB: Non Fuckable Tokens (NFTs)

    Claudix Vanesix (PE)

    How does the development of new technologies shape our self-perception? Non Fuckable Tokens (NFTs) is a performance by Claudix Vanesix, XR artist from Peru, that combines performance art with virtual reality and augmented reality to critically display the impact of technology in our era.



    Martin Müller (DE)

    Monoliths rigidly force us into an outside perspective and guard the secrets that lurk within. Unable to experience what it is to dwell within solidity, we invent spirits that do it for us. Rocks, however, linger motionless as life passes by.

  • Illusion of Communication

    Illusion of Communication

    Team 2054, Joann Lee (KR), Younggon Kim (KR)

    Can we achieve perfect communication? The artwork consists of three parts: “Confiding,” “Sharing,” and “Spreading.” Users can experience unique communication.

  • Interplayful Sensoric Environments – Live Performances

    Interplayful Sensoric Environments – Live Performances

    Dancers and Performers from IDA (Institute of Dance Arts, Anton Bruckner Private University)

    A major area of research within the Time-Based and Interactive Media Arts Department is the playful exploration of the interactions between humans, sensors, and a high-resolution projection system. The result is a wide range of applications and artworks that invite the audience to experiment and interact, as well as live performances in collaboration with dancers…

  • Jessiquoi


    Jessiquoi (CH/AU)

    That girl serving up fresh beats from a neon food stand! 

  • Kenji Araki

    Kenji Araki

    Kenji Araki (AT)

    Kenji Araki is joining Ars Electronica for the first time as a solo artist. The 25-year-old Vienna-based musician and producer presents a live performance between maximalist sound design and reduction. 

  • klimaton ARCTIC≈2020: Sound of the data from the Arctic

    klimaton ARCTIC≈2020: Sound of the data from the Arctic

    Adnan Softić and Nina Softić (feat. Thies Mynther & MOSAiC Expedition Team) (INT)

    klimaton ARCTIC≈2020 addresses the problem of communicability of scientific facts in the context of climate change in the form of a generative sound object.

  • Linzer Klangwolke 23: Odyssey. A Journey Through Worlds

    Linzer Klangwolke 23: Odyssey. A Journey Through Worlds

    ODYSSEY. A JOURNEY THROUGH WORLDS. In 2023 we are inviting the audience on a journey through worlds! Entitled ODYSSEY. A Journey Through Worlds, the Linz Klangwolke 23 presented by Sparkasse OÖ and LINZ AG takes the public on a very special adventure on the river of life.

  • Listening Room

    Listening Room

    Production Studio ABPU

    During the symposium, the ABPU’s Production Studio will become the space for the Listening Room. A studio with a 20.2 speaker array that will allow visitors to perceive multichannel music in a relaxed way. Visitors can enter, exit and move freely through the space, perceiving thirty selected fixed-media pieces from the call for contributions.

  • Love Vibes

    Love Vibes

    Daniel González Franco (CO), Cathline Smoos (FR), Alejandro Martín (ES)

    Drawing inspiration from the captivating aesthetics of 1980s synthwave, Love Vibes transports participants into a visually stunning retro-futuristic realm.

  • Machine Mourning: Beyond the Void of Extractive Listening

    Machine Mourning: Beyond the Void of Extractive Listening

    Daria Kozlova (UK) & Arwina Afsharnejad (DE)

    Under the scorching sun on the top of the melting AI iceberg, Grimes peacefully reads The Communist Manifesto to David Guetta deepfaking Eminem’s vocals. Google guru Ray Kurzweil floats by on a drifting ice floe. Kurzweil is waving hello and continuing a lively conversation with the AI-reincarnated double of his deceased father. Only distant twitter…

  • MeatLove


    Paul Klusacek (AT)

    Industrial can consumption with consequences

  • Medium Sonorum Concert

    Medium Sonorum Concert

    Sonic Lab, ABPU

    Dive deep into freshly made immersive electronic music with the 20.4 system of the Sonic Lab. This is a concert designed to perceive spatial music selected from the call for contributions that relates to Manufacturing Audible Truth. The program shows a variety of styles of multichannel music from around the world.

  • Metabolo: Food Data Digestion

    Metabolo: Food Data Digestion

    Valerie Tameu (IT)

    During the festival, Metabolo’s installation will be animated by Valerie Tameu’s performance: a techno-spiritual ritual that questions the possibility of using technology to promote other forms of intelligence and culture, creating an ecosystem of mutual influence between the human body, AI, marine ecosystems and the West/Equatorial African spiritual world.

  • Mika Bankomat  

    Mika Bankomat  

    Mika Bankomat (ATM)

    In her conceptual works, Mika Bankomat transfers the examination of social and political structures to concrete places, materials and physical phenomena.

  • Multi-Node Shell

    Multi-Node Shell

    Luca Pagan (IT) presented by Umanesimo Artificiale (IT)

    Multi-Node Shell is a performance by Luca Pagan and presented by Umanesimo Artificiale, which utilizes biosensors to explore sound potential as a language through body movement perception. Neural networks process sensor data, serving a dual role.

  • Organ of Radical Care: Una Matriz Colaborativa: Poetry Reading

    Organ of Radical Care: Una Matriz Colaborativa: Poetry Reading

    Charlotte Jarvis (GB), Dr. Patricia Saragüeta (AR)

    Organ of Radical Care: Una Matriz Colaborativa is using new science to grow a collaborative uterus from menstrual blood of multiple women, trans and non-binary people. The project is communicated through sculpture, poetry and video/audio installation.

  • Partitions itératives

    Partitions itératives

    Guillaume Pascale (FR) + Alice Jarry (CA), Marie-Pier Boucher (CA) + Juliette Lusven (FR) + Brice Ammar-Khodja (FR)

    Partitions itératives ist eine Reihe von Performances, bei denen die Musik aus Datenströmen komponiert wird, die in der Regel von Objekten im Weltraum stammen.

  • Passhass


    Byeori Ahn (KR), Kwanghyun Lee (KR), Hajung Woo (KR), Jeonghyun Soh (KR), Minhyuk Che (KR), Aori (KR), Sejin Jang (KR), Yeonmin Kim (KR)

    Linking the present and future through a refrigerator, this piece presents a stark contrast. The “present”, represented by a life of constant waste discharge, and the “future”, characterized by a climate crisis, intersect in this fridge space. Audiences participate as tiny molds within the refrigerator. Upon the opening of the refrigerator door, a wave of…

  • Presentation Exobility / Exoskeletons

    Presentation Exobility / Exoskeletons

    Ars Electronica (AT)

    Ever worn a robotic suit? We’ve seen exoskeletons in science fiction movies, but more and more workplaces are using robotic exoskeletons. What do you think about robotics getting so close to us? Give it a try!

  • Presentation Machine Learning Studio

    Presentation Machine Learning Studio

    Ars Electronica (AT)

    Humans spend their entire lives learning, but even intelligent machines can no longer do without permanent learning processes. In the Ars Electronica Center’s Machine Learning Studio, you’ll encounter these machines and even be able to train them yourself-for example, to teach small cars how to drive.

  • Prompt Battle

    Prompt Battle

    Florian A. Schmidt (DE), Sebastian Schmieg (DE)

    Prompt Battle is a live game show format where people compete against each other using text-to-image software. Show off your prompt skills and maybe the audience will choose you as the winner who elicited the most surprising, disturbing or beautiful images from the latent space of DALL·E. Do you have what it takes to become…

  • Raw ⇆ Ripened ⇆ Happiness

    Raw ⇆ Ripened ⇆ Happiness

    Ciwas Tahos (TW)

    A set of stereotypes and problematic expressions subtly exist everywhere. This colonial viewing system is nuanced, microaggressions permeate society and slip off the tongue unchecked, perpetuating the colonial perspective. Unconscious biases spread a romanticized notion of the outsider: their otherness, their body, their cultural perspective. Indigenous bodies operating within this system, perhaps without a solid…

  • reconFIGURE


    Florian Bruggisser (CH), Chris Elvis Leisi (CH), Chris Salter (US/CH), Martin Fröhlich (CH), Pascal Lund-Jensen (CH)

    reconFIGURE allows you to experience directly how your body and soul are captured and reimagined by AI systems. Both humorous and at the same time, unsettling, reconFIGURE fulfils the promise made in the title: It takes the image of your body and reconfigures it the way a machine might see and understand you.

  • Sense Or?

    Sense Or?

    Belçim Yavuz (TR), Valeriia Shakova (RU)

    Sense Or? is an interdisciplinary project combining interactive media and performance art. Drawing an analogy between the aftereffects of individual experience of trauma and collective experience of censorship, the project plays around the concepts of self-censorship, aesthetics of censorship, the oppressed and oppressor, being silent and silencing.

  • Shadows from the Walls of Death: Green Synthesis

    Shadows from the Walls of Death: Green Synthesis

    Adam Brown (US)

    Shadows from the Walls of Death is a long-term artwork that investigates the historical, chemical, and material agency of Paris Green, one of the most toxic pigments ever produced. This series explores the industrial overuse of heavy metals that resulted in the contamination of human and non-human ecologies. Paris Green, a copper arsenic pigment, revolutionized…



    Bára Gísladóttir (IS)

    SILVA is a work for processed double bass built on the idea of a downward growing forest, living its own secret life of underground raves and meditative cohesiveness.

  • Siska


    Siska (AT)

    Inspired by artists like James Blake and Danny L Harle, she unleashes her creativity in emotive electronic music, often accompanied by strings.

  • Sound Campus Live

    Sound Campus Live

    Embracing a collective and non-hierarchical approach, this year’s Sound Campus emphasizes the fluidity of sound expression and music making. Through notions of performativity and improvisation, a multidimensional stage provides a caring frame for solidarity and creation.

  • Swirling Senses

    Swirling Senses

    Guillaume Pascale (FR) + Alice Jarry (CA), Marie-Pier Boucher (CA)

    Das Projekt Swirling Senses schafft ein immersives Erlebnis, das die digitale und die physische Welt miteinander verbindet. Durch die Integration von Virtual Reality mit Bühnenbildern, Klanglandschaften, Düften und Puppentheater manipuliert die Umgebung unsere Sinne, um einen gesteigerten Realitätssinn zu erzeugen.

  • Syntax-2  


    Kyoka (JP/DE), Ali Mahmut Demirel (TR/DE) 

    This performance is the collaboration between “New Music Syntax” by Kyoka, and “Rockforms” by Ali M. Demirel.

  • Tabula Rasa

    Tabula Rasa

    Isabella Lee Arturo (CO)

    The installation and performance consist of a live drawing that the artist makes on the floor, while trying to verbally express a message. This message is recorded with a wireless microphone and transmitted to a program that activates a language model generator.

  • Tempeh Universe: Cooking Performance

    Tempeh Universe: Cooking Performance

    Mona Liem (ID), Rinda Hedwig (ID), Chef Trias (ID)

    In MAG Garden Indonesia there will be a multisensory introduction to tempeh: visual, audio, touch, flavor and taste where there will be some tempeh-based food presented to the audience.

  • trigger to self discovery

    trigger to self discovery

    Jan Munske (DE)

    In this immersive performance piece, I explore the depths of human existence by questioning the boundaries between art, life and personal experiences.



    Robin Fox  (AU)

    Triptych is a fulcrum between past and future, which uses the present as a catapult. 

  • UKI: Scifi Viral Alt-Reality Cinema

    UKI: Scifi Viral Alt-Reality Cinema

    Shu Lea Cheang (US)

    “Set your electric sheep free range. It is 2060, what do you do with expired humanoids?” 

  • Unsculpt


    Myriam Bleau (CA)

    Concerned with the vertiginous paradigm shift that might result from the recent advances in machine learning, Unsculpt is an audiovisual performance that explores scenes and constructions devoid of human presence, questioning what will be left of our agency once knowledge and craft are modelled outside of the human body.

  • Vibrate ResonAIte

    Vibrate ResonAIte

    Julian Rubisch (AT), Tobias Leibetseder (AT)

    Vibrate ResonAIte connects human and artificial creativity in a dialogue of images and sound. Mutual inspiration and provocation result in blending and diffusion of the participating minds until physical boundaries seem to disappear.

  • WAAAW world Artists Agency Against War: Public Interventions

    WAAAW world Artists Agency Against War: Public Interventions

    Space and Design Strategies dept. @KunstUni (AT)

    WAAAW is an Artistic Agency Against War. War is an unjust odyssey, in its premises and in its outcomes; war makes murder legitimate; war is a spiral at the bottom of which today there is the risk of the extinction of life as we know it. The Agency – the Assembly – the Archive Space…

  • You Are BUTIFL: Tackling AI fears through interactive play

    You Are BUTIFL: Tackling AI fears through interactive play

    Clara Francesca (AU/IT), Anne Wichmann aka She’s Excited! (DE), Brittany Kurtinecz (US), Whitt Sellers (US)

    XRE presents You Are BUTIFL, tackling the conversation surrounding AI fears and reflect on how we must flow with the times, whilst also commune, pausing to prevent collective pain. The show combines performance art with a state-of-the-art multimedia installation under the influence of OpenAI ChatGPT and Wombo Dream AI.

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