CAMPUS Exhibitions

Human Touch

Korea National University of Arts | K-ARTS (KR)

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Humankind has expanded its domain into the digital world to overcome physical limits by means of technological progress. In particular, during the Pandemic crisis, we began to crave ways to sustain human contact in a world where communication took place primarily through media rather than in-person. Digital technology enables the combination of new media and senses. Such a state of digital post-humanism has helped us envision unprecedented sensations and habits, interacting and empathizing with other beings. Human Touch is an attitude facilitating humans to coexist with ecology and technology. It refers to a way of thinking whereby we can coexist with non-human beings, which previously were dependent on humans. It tries to break down the boundaries that distinguish humans and non-human beings in the global crisis, seeking a friendly way of connection in which humans and machines, and humans and nature, can communicate in the area of art and science. In this regard, K-ARTS will present on-site immersive performances, online NFT showcases, and lecture series co-curated with Ars Electronica.


Hosted by Korea National University of Arts. Project director Chungyean Cho. Organized and Operated by Art Collider Lab. Project Management Hana Yun, Dayoung Lee, Myungyeon Lim