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Desktop movies and other uncanny stories

The ArTeC Graduate School of Research (FR)

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For the Ars Electronica Festival 2022 Campus exhibition, ArTeC Graduate School of Research selected four films by artists and researchers from Paris 8 University for an ongoing post-cinema screening. These movies propose to analyze the evolution of communication systems and new ways of making cinema on, with and through our screens, no longer as a novelty but as a sticky part of our daily landscapes. In doing so, they question society’s indexical regimes by multiplying the places of capture: in video games, on the internet “videoconference applications” as in life “afk” (away from keyboard). In their process of making, the five artists and researchers also add to their explorations a way of inspecting the world in which the body does not leave the office space. In these essays that straddle documentary and fiction, the mediation of the screen and network gives new directions to ongoing investigations that emerge both in and out of the frame in a mixed reality. These latter aspects are the breeding ground for performative reflections, observing natural phenomena or chasing the ghosts of our computers interacting directly with our bodies and attention systems in a presence/distance regime blurred.


Supported by the ComUE Université Paris Lumières, ArTeC Graduate School of Research aims to promote and articulate research projects as well as academic degrees on the arts, new technologies, the digital world, human mediations and creation.


Université Paris Lumières — UPL; Université Paris 8 Vincennes — Saint-Denis;