GLITCHBODIES / Rebecca Merlic

For Art Lovers

Ars Electronica Festival, Linz, Austria, September 6 – 10, 2023

Art and its interplay with society and technology, has remained the central focus of Ars Electronica since its inception in 1979. Whether it’s through expansive exhibitions, unique events, captivating concerts, or inspiring lectures, we invite you to explore the remarkable projects featured in this year’s festival, meet the creative minds behind them and take a piece of their passion and imagination home with you!

The Prix Forum on Sunday brings together artists who have received the Golden Nica and Awards of Distinction in their respective categories for an artist talk and discussion of their works.

Join Events, Concerts and Performances!

Experience the Ars Electronica in extraordinary concerts and performances at unusual venues: from classical music to experimental Nightline-programs in POSTCITY’s abandoned train hall.

  • Ars Electronica Nightline

    Ars Electronica Nightline

    This year’s return of the festival to POSTCITY also marks the comeback of the Nightline: Following the classical sounds of the Bruckner Orchestra, the Gleishalle will become a musical playground for electronic audio-visual artists and their sound experiments like Jessiquoi, Noémi Büchi, Soraya Lutangu aka Bonaventure, Myriam Bleau and Kenji Araki.

  • Futurelab Night Performances

    Futurelab Night Performances

    Ars Electronica Futurelab (AT)

    On Saturday Night, the Ars Electronica Center’s Deep Space 8K will once again be filled with an electrifying atmosphere created by the Futurelab Night Performances. Visitors can enjoy a wide range of experiences circling around visualized sound, sonified biodata, and experimental live visualizations.

  • Medium Sonorum Concert

    Medium Sonorum Concert

    Sonic Lab, ABPU

    Dive deep into freshly made immersive electronic music with the 20.4 system of the Sonic Lab. This is a concert designed to perceive spatial music selected from the call for contributions that relates to Manufacturing Audible Truth. The program shows a variety of styles of multichannel music from around the world.



    Luc Gut (CH), Rolf Hellat (CH)

    OSZILOT is a hybrid of sound installation and performance. Everyday objects suspended from strings are transformed into oscillating sound objects via movement sensors.

  • Pianographique


    Maki Namekawa (JP/AT), Cori O’Lan (AT)

    Fully dedicated to the quest for authenticity in artistic creation, this year’s festival’s closing concert presents Maki Namekawa performing the legendary Köln Concert by Keith Jarrett, accompanied by realtime visualizations by Cori O’Lan.

Stunning visuals, exciting stories and immersive experiences, combined with impressive image quality, color brilliance and 3D stereo: The Ars Electronica Center’s Deep Space 8K takes you on a journey from Francisco de Goya to Asia’s contemporary media art!

  • 5th VH Award

    5th VH Award

    Hyundai Motor Group

    Established in 2016 by Hyundai Motor Group, the VH AWARD is Asia’s premier award platform, committed to identifying and nurturing emerging artists in Asia who actively explore the intricacies of Asia and its future.

  • A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man (and as a Young Woman Too)

    A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man (and as a Young Woman Too)

    Olga Sevillano Pintado (ES), Raúl Martínez Arranz (ES), Museo Reina Sofía

    Two artists separated by almost thirty years had a major shift in their careers before they turned twenty. However, being a male or a female artist at that time had huge implications. One of them became the most famous artist of the century while the other was forgotten for most of that same time period.…

  • Deep Stage – Part I

    Deep Stage – Part I

    Marc-André Cossette (CA), Alexandre Saunier (FR), Carlotta Borcherding (DE), Gerald Peter (AT)

    A carefully curated evening program full of inspiring and stunning audio-visuals by international artists.

  • Deep Stage – Part II

    Deep Stage – Part II

    Erick Aguirre (MX), Kevin Blackistone (US), Jiaji Cheng (CN), Danica Golić (RS), Kathrine Hardman (US), Eunji Ji (KR), Polina Kliuchnikova (RU), Kateryna Pomeichuk (UA), Yuma Yanagisawa (JP), Razieh Kooshki (IR), Vahid Qaderi (IR)

    A carefully curated evening program full of inspiring and stunning audio-visuals by international artists.

  • Deep Sync

    Deep Sync

    Susanne Kiesenhofer (AT), Anna Oelsch (DE/AT), Daniel Rammer (AT)

    Deep Sync creates an interactive playground for sound and visuals in the immersive Deep Space 8K environment, inviting visitors to experiment with the correlation between psychological and physiological processes.

  • Faust VR – Making Of

    Faust VR – Making Of

    Salzburger Festspiele (AT), Ars Electronica Futurelab (AT), Ars Electronica Festival (AT)

    In 2023, the the Salzburg Festival commemorates director and festival co-founder Max Reinhardt by recalling Goethe’s Faust (1933-1937). Wearing VR goggles, visitors to the exhibition “FAUST 2023 – Enchanting Reality of Theatre”, enter a reconstruction of the unique stage design and play recreated by Ars Electronica Futurelab.

  • Goya’s Truth

    Goya’s Truth

    Alejandro Vergara (ES), Javier Pantoja Ferrari (ES), Museo Nacional del Prado

    In Goya’s Truth, highly regarded expert and senior curator Alejandro Vergara from Museo del Prado shows a carefully selected choice of Francisco de Goya’s works in ultra-high resolution.

  • Last Supper Interactive (LSI)

    Last Supper Interactive (LSI)

    Franz Fischnaller (IT)

    In LSI attention is given to location awareness, cognitive processes in audio-visual perception and emotional engagement to let visitors feel as if they were present “inside” the painting and within reach tangibly of its historical context. Further, the visitor can penetrate the painted wall surface and be virtually transported into a 3D depiction.

  • Meet the Artist: Miwa Matreyek

    Meet the Artist: Miwa Matreyek

    Miwa Matreyek (Golden Nica for Computer Animation 2020) will be presenting a shortened documentation video of her 2020 performance work, Infinitely Yours. She creates live performances integrating her kaleidoscopic animations with her body in shadow from behind the screen.

  • Meet the Artist: Rebecca Merlic

    Meet the Artist: Rebecca Merlic

    GLITCHBODIES (Honorary Mention for New Animation Art 2023) is an interactive game and multiplatform project encompassing new forms of feminism, LGBTQ+ and Drag transformations. While playing the game, participants become part of an interactive digital space.

  • Venice Revealed

    Venice Revealed

    Grand Palais Immersif, Iconem, Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia

    What city enjoys such universal celebrity as Venice, an unparalleled unicum of history, art and tradition? The exhibition Venice Revealed aims to help visitors discover and experience the mystery of this city in a new way.