Femme Chanel - Emma Fenchel

With her found footage project the winner of the u19 - Create Your World category, Sarah Oos, accomplishes that novel narrative twists even have a way of occurring to those who’ve already seen this film several times.

(e)motion-mirror: Reflected Feelings

Feelings are human. No computer in the world can outperform us when it comes to interpreting feelings and reacting to them. For this reason, Richard Sadek invented the (e)motion-mirror. It reflects the feelings of his viewer by detecting emotionally-charged facial movements and converts them into piano tones.

u19 PRIX: A Look behind the Scenes

The jurors in the Prix Ars Electronica’s "u19 – Create Your World" category spent three days evaluating many entries by youngsters age 19 and under from Austria. We asked Ulrike Schweiger and Conny Lee about the difficult decision-making process.

A Golden Nica for Young People

Once again this year, the Prix Ars Electronica’s u19 – CREATE YOUR WORLD category cordially invites youngsters under age 19 to submit promising ideas for prize consideration. We recently had a chance to chat with Sirikit Amann, a juror in this category since 1998.

Screenplays for the World of Tomorrow

Austrian actor Ferry Öllinger was already a familiar face to audiences in German-speaking Europe when his big breakthrough came playing Chief Inspector Kroisleitner in the popular TV cop show “SOKO Kitzbühel”. At the 2014 Prix Ars Electronica, he’s cast in quite a different role: juror in the u19 – CREATE YOUR WORLD category.

Festivalralley - Part 3

Make Your World the Way YOU Want It to Be!

This year’s u19 Create Your World Festival ran from September 5th to 9th. Young people (and the young at heart) enjoyed up-close-and-personal encounters with a wide array of projects, initiatives and design possibilities.

Festivalralley - Part 2

Day 4: Discovery with All the Senses

Use all your senses to experience the u19 Festival! Here’s an overview of Day 4.

Festivalralley - Part 1

A Festival Dedicated to Social Welfare

Today, the accent is on various aspects of the community in which we live.

A Sustainable Festival

It’s been a busy time, since the u19 awards ceremony was held today. Here we spotlight a few projects having to do with sustainability.

From times past into future

First festival day.

u19 - CREATE YOUR WORLD - Zukunftsfestival der nächsten Generation

The u19 - CREATE YOUR WORLD - Festivalstadt is almost ready, members of the press have already seen it, you can start exploring tomorrow, September 5th.

A Festival Village Takes Shape

Die Fotoserie vom Aufbau der u19 Festivalstadt: Am Dienstag, 27. 8. um 7:00 kam der erste von 31 Containern am Maindeck des Ars Electronica Centers an. Inzwischen ist eine bunte Stadt daraus entstanden, die ab nächster Woche von den 40 ProjektpartnerInnen von u19 Create Your World bezogen wird. Am Donnerstag, 5. 9. um 10:00 öffnen wir die Tore aller Container und ihr könnt euch 5 Tage lang im Programm von u19 Create Your World verlieren!

Séra Ildi Creates Her World

Zum u19 – CREATE YOUR WORLD Festival kommen jedes Jahr Künstler und Künstlerinnen von überall aus der Welt. Sie zeigen uns ihre Ideen, probieren sie hier aus und lassen sich selbst zu Neuen inspirieren. Séra Ildi aus der Schweiz arbeitet mit Erinnerungen, die in Menschen, Orten und Dingen gespeichert sind und spinnt sie weiter. Beim Festival wird sie Portraits stricken – hier erzählt sie von ihren Projekten.

CREATE YOUR WORLD - Highlights to Heighten the Anticipation

CREATE YOUR WORLD 2013 findet in 3 Wochen statt und geht damit in die 3. Runde. Seit 2011 ist es ist nicht nur ein Ort des kreativen Ausdrucks im Bereich der Medienkünste, sondern auch ein Ort der Zusammenkunft und des gemeinsamen Gestaltens: ein Ort, an dem Künstlerinnen, Wissenschaftler, Forscherinnen sowie wissbegierige und kreative Festivalbesucher gemeinsam ihre Ideen verwirklichen. Es werden 40 Projekte sein, die sich dieses Jahr in der bunten Stadt beim AEC versammeln. Dort gibt es Vieles zu entdecken. Die folgenden 5 umgesetzten Ideen zeigen, wie unterschiedlich und vielseitig das Programm sein wird.

Rebecca Gischel Creates Her World

Every year artists from all over the world come to u19 CREATE YOUR WORLD Festival to show us their ideas, try them and also get inspired to do new Projects. Interaction artist Rebecca Gischel shows the installation Global Sounds - here she writes about her works and the ideas behind them.

GameLab – A Youth Meeting at u19 – CREATE YOUR WORLD

It’s official! The EU’s Youth in Action program has agreed to sponsor GameLab, a European young people’s conclave developed and submitted for funding by Ars Electronica together with mb21 (Germany), bugnplay.ch (Switzerland) und C319 (Hungary). We’re thrilled; the participants will be too! But, like, what’s this GameLab all about, actually?

Mónica Rikić Creates Her World

Every year artists from all over the world come to u19 CREATE YOUR WORLD Festival to show us their ideas, try them and also get inspired to do new Projects. One of them is Mónica Rikić, our guest from Spain and will be showing her project Buildasound. Here she tells us the tale of this idea and what she experienced along the way.

u19 – u19 - CREATE YOUR WORLD 2013 – A Recall for Round 3

Do-it-Yourself World Design: The u19 – CREATE YOUR WORLD Manual

Vision 2030 - Lebe deinen Traum

Class J1 at Pettenbach Elementary School is a group of 22 pupils of different ages, some handicapped, some not. These kids got to try their hand at filmmaking in conjunction with a project entitled Vision 2030 that’s all about trying to envision the future. A pretty tough assignment, as it turns out.

The Golden Nica for Visual:Drumset

u19 presents: The first submitters in 2013

Start of submission at u19

The approach of Christmas means it’s that wonderful time of the year again—time to send in your submissions to u19 – CREATE YOUR WORLD. We cordially invite all you gals & guys under 19 years of age to get involved. We’re looking forward to receiving lots of interesting ideas and projects!

u19 On Tour. Next Stop: Budapest


Das u19 – CREATE YOUR WORLD hat uns fünf Tage lang Spaß, Unterhaltung, spannende Momente und interessante Projekte geboten. Von verschiedenen Workshops, bis hin zu einer spannenden Siegerehrung, war alles dabei - es wurde ausprobiert, fotografiert, geschauspielert, getanzt und gebastelt.

Festivalrally on Sunday

ABC Parade & voestalpine Klangwolke

Gestern fand die voestalpine Klangwolke, unter dem Motto „Die Wolke im Netz“, statt. Eingeleitet wurde das Ereignis von der ABC Parade, die angeführt von der voestalpine Blaskapelle, vom AEC zum Linzer Hauptplatz wanderte.