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Clanking, Hammering, Dispute and Gurgling

Andriy Rachinskiy (UA), Daniil Revkovskiy (UA)

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This video is one of the parts of the exhibition *Tailings Dam. The exposition was presented in the form of the Museum of Human Civilization, created in the future, already after the death of mankind. The museum is dedicated to the future archeology of the tailings repository in Kryvyi Rih. A tailings repository is a complex of special facilities designed for the storage of radioactive, toxic and other mineral enrichment waste. The video features two main characters heading for the tailings dam and climbing it. In four parts parodies other parts of this project:

  1. The сlanking of the Scythian pommel.
  2. Hammering on the pipes of the director of Kryvorizhstal, who was sitting in the bomb shelter.
  3. Dispute, as a reflection of all the disputes and misunderstandings of our time, between countries and individual people.
  4. Gurgling of the water extraction station.


Andriy Rachinskiy (b.1990) and Daniil Revkovskiy (b.1993) is a creative duo of Kharkiv (Ukraine) authors, who are fusing different formats of artistic practices (installations, reenactment, video, archives), researching the contexts and landscapes of the industrial regions of Ukraine.

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