CAMPUS Exhibitions

Pixels from a Past Future

CINETic, National University of Theatre and Film (RO)

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Our brains thrive to anticipate the future in scientific or mystic form, from meteorology to divination or plain betting. As minimal as the chances are, we try to beat the odds. Since the statistical anomaly of 1 in a million stated by Drake’s equation of life rising on earth beat any random chance record one can only indulge such an attraction. Our anticipation of the future is based on images of the present and the past. We break the images into little pieces, combine them and build an image set in the future. The future in our mind is built from the past forming a paradoxical Ouroboros, always desiring to breathe the new, ever condemned to entangle the past.

Pixels from a past future reunites works developed by students and teachers of the UNATC, National University for Theatre and Film Bucharest, from the MA of Interactive Technologies for Media and Performing Arts and the MA New Media Design, works developed during 2021-2022. The works aspire to visualize empathy and closeness and to reverberate to a fading nature through capturing the presence of the visitor into the flow of data. Memories are brought again to life in pixel form, bringing new scares. Are we captive to our past as a Narcis to its image, or can we emerge anew? Recent events question more and more our order, raising the need for a new deal with ourselves and the planet. Are we able to draft it? Did we start to dream about it? Is it already written?


„Who are you?“ was developed with the support of an AFCN Grant “White Imprint”. The work does not represent the point of view of the AFCN.