Ars Electronica Gardens Exhibition


Humanity Island — Data to be Continued

Virtual and Physical Media Integration Association of Taiwan (TW)

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A global epidemic and climate change have resulted in many changes to our way of life. Issues concerning anthropocentrism and environmental sustainability have aroused widespread public reflection. Taiwan’s new media artists are reflecting on these issues and inviting everyone to think about how human beings will survive in the future.

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The theme Humanity Island — Data to be Continued reflects Taiwan’s island characteristics and cultural heritage and uses the common language of art to speak to the world. Samsara compares political prisoners in the era of white terror to the pressures on human nature in the digital age. Blue Tears examines Matsu’s beautiful bioluminescent phenomenon and marine ecology. Childhood Revisited reproduces a Hakka community from the 1960s. Sandbox, inspired by computer security testing, immerses viewers in an ironic “safe” information space. The works include profound reflections on art, humanities, the environment, and the changes of our times. In these times, conflicts of interest between countries are often seen as “data.” The output or extraction of data affects the public’s interpretation of the truth which goes on to influence the overall situation. This process teaches artists to be cautious and fearful when creating and to reflect on their work with empathy. It encourages us to face these issues and make substantial changes for a sustainable future.


Virtual and Physical Media Integration Association of Taiwan aggregates a group of top-notch new media creators, scholars, and software/hardware suppliers to research and develop cross-disciplinary practices based on digital technologies such as virtual and physical media integration, VR/AR/XR, metaverse, digital twins, NFT, real-time computer graphics, interaction, electronic control, et cetera.


Curator: Hsin-Chien Huang
Co-Curator: Hsiao-Yue Tsao, Wen-Chun Chen
New Media Artists: Hsin-Chien Huang, Hsiao-Yue Tsao, Wen-Chieh Chang, Chin-Hsiang Hu, Tzu- Liang Chen, Yu-Hao Lee