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Time, Space, Me, Us.

University of Nova Gorica School of Arts (SI)

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“And I ran like crazy until I reached the edge the next day towards evening. We called this line that separated the known from the unknown the ‘edge of the world’. There probably must have existed someone who knew what lay beyond that line, someone for whom the unknown was familiar. Or maybe not. For us at least, the common inhabitants of this world, it certainly was unknown.” (From the novel in progress From Time to Time by Boštjan Potokar).

How far do the boundaries of our community go, how far does ‘me’ extend to and until where does a ‘we’ expand? And what does that mean when we think about space and time? To what extent are we all connected and attached to a particular time and space, to what extent do the boundaries of a community expand? Weren’t the issues we’re dealing with always existing, wasn’t that unknown always there somewhere behind the ‘border’ – the border of space and time, the border of community, the border between you and me? There have always been moments when we feared the future as well as such when we looked at the future as an all-troubles-solving light. And there were always moments when the present was uncertain and the past seemed clear like from school textbooks. Where is it today, the boundary of the known and the unknown? Where is this edge of the world now?

We have selected recent student works for this year’s edition of Ars Electronica with reflection on the individual and the community to which we belong, which we form. Along with the selected student works, I asked our mentors, artists and scientists, to reflect on the topic of Welcome to Planet B. Quotes from their responses are accompanying the exhibition of student projects.

— Rene Rusjan, exhibition curator.


The University of Nova Gorica is a small, research-oriented university in the region right by the Slovenian-Italian border. The UNG School of Arts conducts research through the branches of its academic programmes in animation, film, photography, new media, contemporary art practices, scenographic spaces and art-science-technology. We have always been very attentive and conscious about our social and geopolitical realities. We are part of GO! Borderless story of ECoC GO! 2025.


Curator: Prof. Rene Rusjan, Program Director
Coordinator: Rok Govednik, Expert Associate
Responsible person: Prof. Boštjan Potokar, Dean
Technical support: Urša Bonelli