Der Zeit voraus – Texts by Hannes Leopoldseder

It would be hard to find another media festival that has been so comprehensively documented over the course of the last 40 years as Ars Electronica—in videos, CDs, DVDs, TV shows, websites, blogs, and, above all, in the one to three catalogs published each year. The following texts are taken from the annual Ars Electronica Festival and Prix Ars Electronica catalogs as well as from special Ars Electronica anniversary publications. These are original texts or extracts from them, published between 1979 and 2019. They deal only partially with the annual themes of the respective festivals. The objective pursued in these texts was to shed some light on the period in which they were written, and especially on how the advance of information technology has changed our society, our culture, and, above all, our everyday lives. Special attention is of course given to the young people who are growing up with these new media, the up-and-coming young generation that will be presiding over the radical changes in all areas of life in the coming decades. The following texts also offer readers insight into the world of thought that influenced individual phases of Ars Electronica’s development.
Hannes Leopoldseder, 2020