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Ars Electronica (AT)

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Wed Sep 7, 2022, 1:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Thu Sep 8, 2022, 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
Fri Sep 9, 2022, 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
Sat Sep 10, 2022, 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
Sun Sep 11, 2022, 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
All times are given in Central European Time (CET / UTC +1).
KEPLER'S GARDENS, Keplergebäude

The Prix Ars Electronica in the u19—create your world category calls (up)on the next generation to submit exciting projects and ideas for the world of tomorrow. Children and young people up to the age of 19 are given a stage to show which topics they are currently dealing with. The goal is to create a space where young people can share insights regarding their own creative and critical perspectives on the future. In the age category *Young Creatives* (0-14 years) first ideas are presented and (new) talents are discovered. And “Young Professionals” (14-19 years) offer exciting, critical and artistic projects by forward-looking thinkers who ask important and future-oriented questions.

„[…] Normally, the u19 category leaves us with a feeling of confidence that in the future, young people and their ideas, dynamism, and fresh energy will fix everything. This year, this feeling must give way to the worry that these young people are simply at the end of their tether. They are exhausted by always having to be understanding and sensible, by tilting at metaphorical windmills and being ignored by the public. Many kids are not, in fact, alright, and if we want to again look to the future with confidence, we must become active right now in order to provide help. We as a society cannot give young people the feeling that it will be up to them alone to sort out this mess when it is finally their turn to run things. We all must work together in solidarity to ensure a brighter future.

This year’s projects for the u19 category thus demonstrate particularly impressively how important art and creative expression of all kinds are for us humans. It is evident with many works that they were not created in the context of a specific task but rather that they virtually exploded out of the young people like steam from a whistling overpressure valve. Art, in addition to social contacts, is presented in many of the projects as a solitary ray of hope. This year as well, there was a preponderance of film submissions, which on the one hand is certainly due to the fact that a good smartphone is now sufficient to produce high-quality videos, but on the other also because the gaze of young people has been shaped by various image-heavy online platforms. At the same time, another trend has become evident as well, namely an increased longing for analog media. After the many hours spent in front of a computer screen because of the pandemic, there appears to be a great urge to again create something tangible and to pursue more classical art forms.”

Excerpt from the Jurystatement


Sirikit Amann (AT), Reni Hofmüller (AT), Martin Hollinetz (AT), Conny Lee (AT), und Martin Retschitzegger (AT)
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Prix Ars Electronica u19–create your world is open again: The winners of the Media Art Award for children and young people under the age of 19 can look forward to the coveted Golden Nica and prize money of over €6,500!
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The winning projects

Golden Nica

Mary Mayrhofer
Die schwarze Decke

Young Professionals Award of Distinction

Jolanda Abasolo, Julian Köppl, Xaver Haiden, Leonhard Schönstein
/_ holofear

Fabian Wenzelhumer

Young Professionals Honorary Mention

Sabrina Koller, Martina Janjic, Barbara Mendez Mendez, Johanna Stefanic

Mika Weinmayr, Felix Mrak

Frida Tabi Tataw, Frederik Lorenzoni, Harald Müller, Lino Müller
Humanity = Nature

Oliver Parsch, Andreas Angleitner, Barbara Nina Rettig, Lena Eckerl, Ruben Ritzinger, Emely Traunmüller, Lena Stieger, Jana Zauner, Marcel Pürstinger, Leon Fasthuber, Magdalena Jahn, Jonas Wiesinger, Nina Derflinger, Jakob Nieß, Annika Schwarzwald, Moritz Stacherl, Julian Straßer, Leon Pohn, Rainer Brunnthaller, Johanna Weiß
Medien Kultur Haus Wels

Emil Klostermann
not in public

Barbara Nina Rettig

Jasmin Pemmer

Michael Zaminer

Maximilian Zaglmayr, Manuel Obermayr

Johanna Westreicher, Magdalena Juen, Sophie Juen, Anna Zangerl, Leonie Jäger
Radikalisierung im Netz

Young Creatives u14 Prize

Elena Schöppl, Carla Schöppl, Rosina Umgeher
Orphea und Eurydike

Young Creatives u14 Award of Distinction

Alaa Tamer, Alfer Antal, Ali Kaan Kaya, Amira Abubakar, Anna Sommer, Elias Erker, Hannah Fischer, Juno Pabst, Laura Camison, Lena Steinbichler, Matilda Wieselthaler, Nando Mairitsch, Nils Haberfelner, Niklas Kuri
RGORG 23 antonkriegergasse
Chaos in Wien

Annalena Wieser, Sarah Crnkic, Robin-Welat Kurt, Thomas Karl Sorger, Franz Jaritz, Christoph Wallner, Victoria Wiedner, Luis Strassegger, Maximilian Rauchegger, Dominik Wieser, Vanessa Ferstl, Georg Auer, Aisha Lang
MS Frohnleiten
Driving into the Future

Young Creatives u12 Prize

Benjamin Hölzl

Young Creatives u12 Award of Distinction

Gloria Riedmann, Viktor Flatz und Matteo Di Cesare
Bilding Druckwerkstatt
SNELL – Die Wahrheit kommt heraus

Young Creatives u12 Honorary Mention

Dominik Pichler, Immanuel Fröhlich, Lennard Fellner

Young Creatives u10 Prize

Emilio Deutsch
Leuchtende Zukunft

Young Creatives u10 Award of Distinction

Sarah Hölzl
Save the monkeys, save the rainforest

Levi Pittermann, Arthur Fortin, Thabo Juric-Grubner, Jakob Daburon, Kaan Colak
VS Zennerstraße, MuKaTo

Leopold Kastler
Ferngesteuerter Roboter